The Story of Nigh Road

The Story of Nigh Road

Although Nigh Road has been around since 2017, I’m so happy to have you here and welcome you into our newly revamped online home!

I’m Vanessa - the owner, designer, and creative director of Nigh Road, a home and lifestyle store located in the quaint village of East Aurora, New York. 

This past fall, we fully redesigned the Nigh Road website, making it a destination for all things home decor (including my love of fusion mineral paint!), as well as adding lots of on-trend styles for the modern woman. 

In addition to our physical shop, I wanted to provide you with a one-stop-shop for home styling tips, creative DIY projects, affordable, everyday fashion, and a sprinkle of entrepreneurial advice throughout. 

I also wanted to share the backstory of how Nigh Road came to be, as there’s so much history and meaning within the walls of this 1828 farmhouse and the brand that exists today!

The Backstory

I was born and raised in Ridgeway, Ontario - a picturesque community located on the banks of Lake Erie, just a hop and a skip away from Buffalo, New York. 

My family’s charming farmhouse was situated in a rural area of town, surrounded by rich landscapes of woods, streams, and farmland. It had the most amazing feeling.

The name of our street was (you guessed it) - Nigh Road - hence the name and inspiration for my business!

Thanks to the influence of my mother, I really learned the feeling of home and what it takes to create a welcome, safe, and inspired space. Of course, being surrounded by such natural beauty, I fell in love with earthy, neutral tones and warm, natural textures which has become the foundation of my designs. 

I now strive to show my clients how important it is to cultivate a cozy, inviting sanctuary of their own.

The Process of Transformation


Upon graduating from the University of Buffalo, my career began in Sales and Marketing for a corporate office in Downtown Buffalo, which eventually led me to relocating to Tampa, FL, then Philadelphia, PA,  and back to Buffalo - all while I quickly moved up the corporate ladder.

Despite all the changes, I was comfortable and secure, and life was predictable; in a nutshell, I was completely complacent.

I honestly thought ‘Okay, this is it...’ and figured I’d continue to work at my previous company for the entirety of my career.

It’s funny how life can unfold and surprise you because after I had my four children, I really lost the initial spark I had for my job. Something was missing, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

It wasn’t until my maternity leave for my twin sons that I actually took the time to sit down and address my feelings and desires. Sure, life was good, but was I happy? Was I being challenged? Did I feel inspired?

The overwhelming answer was no.

I lacked the passion and creativity I was craving in my work, but I didn’t have the first idea for what to do about it. 

However, I did know that I wanted to leave a legacy behind for my children. I wanted to set an example of hard work, a strong work ethic, and pursuing the things that bring you joy.  

So one day, while the kids napped, I decided to pick up a paint brush and makeover a table that had been sitting in our front entryway for years. I worked quietly in our garage (or sometimes in our backyard under a large maple tree). It was so peaceful and calming.

Once it was completed, and I stepped back to look at it, I absolutely loved the end result. 

It didn’t take long for me to find my next paint project, and I began to develop a hobby and a creative outlet I so needed in my life.

I fell in love with the process of transformation - taking something old and worn and giving it new life and beauty.

As I continued to paint everything I could get my hands on, my friends, family, and neighbors began to take notice. I started taking on commissioned work and giving them design advice on paint colors, furniture layouts and decor  - which I absolutely loved! It felt so rewarding to help them take older pieces of furniture and create something they were excited about.

Soon enough new customers were finding me and I was having a hard time keeping up with the demand - arguably a good problem to have!

The Start of Nigh Road

I finally felt like I had found something that checked all the boxes, and I started dreaming about ways I could pursue my projects full time.

As I got my business up and running at that level, I continued to work my corporate job on a consultancy basis, while managing Nigh Road at night and on the weekends. 

As demand for my work continually increased, I knew the time had come to start looking for a retail space to display my finished pieces along with various decor items I gathered to decorate with. So I began looking for places not long after. (Spoiler...I’d eventually stop taking consultant work so I could go all in on this business!)

I had this very clear vision to makeover an older home that I could transform into a store where people could walk through the rooms and see everything placed precisely how it would be in a real home. I wanted customers to feel like they were walking through the house of a dear friend.

Unfortunately, my vision proved to be difficult, and I was striking out left and right in finding something that would be a good fit. 

A few weeks later, I was visiting one of my favorite Buffalo suburbs, East Aurora, as I drove by this beautiful, old farmhouse. I knew immediately that this was it. I took a picture and rushed home to show my husband exclaiming, "This is exactly what I’m looking for!" 

One problem though...there was a SOLD sign on the front lawn. (Cue the tears...followed by a strong motivation to know more.)

So I started researching, and after a short time, I discovered that the farmhouse had been purchased by a couple who lived just north of Buffalo. By a stroke of luck and fate, they just happened to be my AUNT AND UNCLE. I mean, talk about divine intervention! 

As soon as my aunt and uncle closed on the property, I was able to tour the farmhouse and knew in my heart, this was meant to be. As I was walking through the rooms, envisioning how I would decorate and fill each one, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. 

My dream was finally becoming a reality. 

I signed a lease with my aunt and uncle in March and opened my store two months later, on May 5th, 2018.

It was all really happening!

Nigh Road Today

When we first opened, Nigh Road was strictly a home goods store, filled with my painted furniture, as well as decor items for purchase.

I’ve since expanded our selections to include a curated selection of apparel, accessories, and gifts intended to complement my minimalist and neutral modern farmhouse aesthetic. I believe these pieces will spark joy and make you feel feminine and confident anytime you wear them. Our selection of gift items are great for any occasion and perfect for celebrating the people you love in your life!


I hope that when you visit my store and site, you’ll feel something special and that my passion for helping you create beautiful spaces is reflected in each product, design, and post. 

My goal is for you to create the most welcoming and inviting space that is a reflection of who you are and what you love, and it is truly an honor to be a part of that.

I'm always available for questions, feedback, and design services which you can learn more about here and here

Thank you to everyone who’s provided unwavering support over the years - and now!

With love,