Murchison-Hume - Travel Safe Surface Spray

Murchison-Hume - Travel Safe Surface Spray

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Travel Safe Surface Spray is a must-have for your next trip. It's TSA compliant and small enough to take anywhere. We like to use it on everything from our Uber seat belt to hotel remotes and restaurant menus.

GOOD TO KNOW: Lemon Myrtle is a native Australian plant with 4 x the germ-busting power of Tea Tree oil (but with a much better scent)!

FRAGRANCE: Lemon Myrtle (Natural): A sweet, refreshing, herbal scent. It’s brighter and cleaner than your average “lemon” and is said to have powerful mood-enhancing and immune-boosting properties.
PLEASE NOTE: There's a printing error on the label. The directions say to add to water, and that's wrong. Just spray and wipe!

PACKAGING: 3.4OZ/100ml PET Plastic bottle. Atomizer sprayer.